At this challenging time, we are all having to change the way we work.  Several universities that are running EIBF-sponsored enterprise competitions have contacted us to update us on changes to the way they are running their competition finals and to ask important questions.  To assist, we are covering key points below:

Holding Competition Finals

With many universities moving to online tutoring, competition finals are now taking place via video conferencing, rather than at physical events which require people to come together.  We have been asked if the competition prize is still applicable if finals are run remotely.  Yes, the university is still able to offer the £3,000 prize in the same way as planned prior to the Covid-19 pandemic.

The Report and Photos of Winners

Universities are still required to fulfil the terms of the prize fund arrangement, which means submitting a report covering all the questions listed at the end of the application form.  This report is required shortly after the competition is completed.   However, we understand that current working conditions may delay the delivery of reports and we simply ask that you inform the EIBF office.

Organising photography of the winners will be problematic, as normally photos are taken at the university competition finals.  If your university is faced with this situation, an alternative is to send the winner(s) a certificate, large mock-up cheque or a similar prop and ask them to have a photo taken by a member of their household.  If the winner is part of a team, perhaps the team leader could be asked to have this photo taken.  Please ensure that photos are at least 1MB in size and the subject is standing against an uncluttered background.

The Champion of Champions Final

The Champion of Champions Awards Ceremony was scheduled for 26 October 2020 prior to Government guidelines on social distancing.  At the moment, we are proceeding in the hope that the Awards Ceremony may still take place in October but, of course, this will depend upon the guidance issued by the Government and Public Health England over the coming weeks and months.

For the time being, EIBF-supported universities/students can submit entries for the Champion of Champions Final between 1 May and 7 September (the deadline is midnight).  EIBF will be sending a dedicated weblink to each university (before 1 May) to enable entries to be uploaded.  For full details on entering, follow this link.

Please check thi spage periodically for any updates relating to Covid-19.  However, our office will be in contact with each university on updates about the Final and any changes arising from the Covid-19 situation.

Applying for Funding

If you are a university seeking funding for an enterprise competition, please download the application form and apply as normal.  The EIBF team members are working as normal, at home, following Government guidelines.

General Questions

If you have any questions about the EIB prize fund, there is an FAQ on the website. If you have a question that is not covered, please contact us at

Published 1 April 2020