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InvEnterPrize is Aberystwyth University’s Student Ideas Competition which is open to undergraduates, post-graduates and recent graduates. The competition rewards the entrant with the ‘Best Business Idea’

InvEnterPrize competition provides a yearly opportunity for entrepreneurial students to develop a business concept or social enterprise idea and pitch it to a panel of successful Aberystwyth University alumni in a virtual ‘Dragon’s Den’ style event.

InvEnterPrize is run in conjunction with and predominantly funded by the Alumni Office (DARO) which donates a £10,000 prize fund, which is now enhanced with the EIB funding to stimulate participation from students and graduates from the Departments of Computer Science, Maths and Physics. In addition to the support from DARO, the university partners with Aber Innovation and Enterprise Campus which offers free ‘office space’ for one year to businesses specifically allied to biosciences.

Winner: Karl Swanepoel - 3rd year Computer Science & Robotics student - £3,000 Engineers in Business Prize Fund and £10,000 alumni funded prize

Topwork is a digital platform that connects entrepreneurs and small business owners with talented, remote-working freelancers and students who specialise in digital skills including but not limited to graphic design, writing, programming, and media. The goal of this platform is to pull down the barriers of entry to starting and growing a business online and earning a remote income.

Positive Feedback

The EIBF prize of £3,000 offered as an ‘Extra Prize’ for our annual InvEnterPrize competition is a great incentive for applicants from the Computer Science, Physics & Maths departments within the university. It’s a significant addition and helps to raise the profile of this Student Ideas Competition within the university and wider community and is much appreciated.

Tony Ormes, Careers Consultant
Law, Criminology, History, Interpol & Enterprise
Aberystwyth University