COVID-19 Update - 24 March 2021

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Engineers in Business Fellowship has supported Imperial College Business School’s UG Entrepreneurship Online course on the BPES programme (Business for Professionals of Engineering and Science) for the first year in 19/20. Students taking part in this module were invited to participate in a pitch competition and were also selected through excellence in achievement based on their validation report coursework assignment, where students embark on experiments to test hypotheses underlying their business idea. The winners came from four major undergraduate programmes at Imperial College: Chemical Engineering, Civil Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, and Electrical and Electronic Engineering. 15 engineering students were part of the three winning teams overall.
First Prize Winner: Hare Team (left to right) - Bernard Chan, Materials Science & Engineering (MEng 4YFT); Paul Bigot, Materials Science & Engineering (BEng 3YFT); Pichan Tangtrakulwong, Chemical Engineering (MEng 4YFT); Hung-Ju Chueh, Biological Sciences (BSc 3YFT); Ramita Peerapairoj, Chemistry (MSci 4YFT) - £1,500 Engineers in Business Prize

Hare is a text-based counselling app that aims to connect university, and potentially high school students to counsellors instantaneously and directly.
Joint Second Prize Winner: WeSport Team (left to right) - Aidan Cunnington, Mechanical Engineering (MEng 4YFT); Chafic-Christopher Hasbani, Mechanical Engineering (MEng 4YFT); Elizabeth Graham, Mechanical Engineering (MEng 4YFT); Marc Bou Saleh, Electrical & Electronic Engineering with Management (MEng 4YFT); Michael Wilkinson, Mechanical Engineering (MEng 4YFT); Thomas Tawk, Mechanical Engineering, (MEng 4YFT) - £750 Engineers in Business Prize

WeSports is a social app that allows players to meet with other players in the area/location they would like to play in, removing all the group chat organisation hassle and finances involved in making a sport centre booking.
Joint Second Prize Winner: Garms Team (left to right) - David Buchanan, Mechanical Engineering (MEng 4YFT); Emmanuella Babasola, Civil Engineering (MEng 4YFT); Ememobong Umoh, Mechanical Engineering (MEng 4YFT); Igor Fomenkov, Electrical & Electronic Engineering with Management (MEng 4YFT); Liam Webb, Mechanical Engineering (MEng 4YFT); Paula Vila Ortega, Mechanical Engineering (MEng 4YFT) - £750 Engineers in Business Prize

Garms ‘Your wardrobe, delivered’ – an online platform dedicated to providing clothing rental solutions.

Positive Feedback

The Engineers in Business Fellowship prize fund allowed us to provide an additional value-add and competitive element to our online Entrepreneurship course. The Fellowship provided some of our engineering students with the confidence and self-belief that they had a strong business idea which they can pursue further. It also opened up more broadly the option to pursue a business career for some of the students. For example, one student said: ‘I wasn’t thinking about a career in business before, but I am now!’

We are excited to see what their next steps will be!

Dr Harveen Chugh, Module Leader, Entrepreneurship Online, BPES (Business for Professionals of Engineering and Science)