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WE Innovate is Imperial’s flagship female entrepreneurship education programme designed to support the next generation of women entrepreneurs to accelerate their startups. The six-month programme supports female students, developing an early stage business idea, to advance their leadership and entrepreneurial skills. One of our key goals of this competition is to increase the number of female engineers setting up their own ventures and the WE Innovate team works closely with the Faculty of Engineering to promote the programme directly to engineers.
Joint Winner: WuQing Hipsh, MA/MSc Innovation Design Engineering - £1,500 Engineers in Business Prize

WeAlign restores balance for people affected by vestibular dysfunction, by gamifying tedious exercises. WeAlign empowers users to play and track their progress at home on the computer for reduced anxiety and better balance.

WeAlign combines scientifically validated therapies and metrics, with engaging gamification, and transparent data analytics. WeAlign empowers users to play and track their progress from the comfort of their own home. The software tracks quantitative data. Before and after every session, users are asked how they feel to track their qualitative changes. WeAlign makes the therapeutic process enjoyable and encourages consistent practice. The NHS is expanding online platforms to encourage self-care and decrease costs. WeAlign could decrease costs from an estimated £120 per month to £10 per month. WeAlign will increase accessibility and adherence to vestibular rehabilitation.
Joint Winner: Luthfun Nessa, BSc Biomedical Engineering - £1,500 Engineers in Business Prize

CalidiScope is a mattress topper with embedded sensors and machine learning which allows nurses to monitor patient movements, automate the documentation, and predict the onset of a pressure ulcer before it develops. By personalising the patients’ turning schedules and detecting ulcers earlier, CalidiScope can save patients from unnecessary pain, save nurses time and prevent pressure ulcers developing. Automating documentation will improve compliance, help managers improve the standard of care and protect them in litigation cases, saving the NHS up to £1.63 billion. CalidiScope device also has the potential to predict the onset of a variety of conditions.

Positive Feedback

The Engineers in Business Award is a fantastic resource for Imperial College London students with engineering backgrounds. The award has given aspiring female founders a greater chance at solving some of the world’s biggest problems. The Imperial Enterprise Lab would be delighted to continue the strong relationship with the Engineers in Business Fellowship to support engineering students, graduates and postgraduates in their participation with entrepreneurship.

Alae Ismail, Innovation & Entrepreneurship Manager, Imperial Enterprise Lab