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Queen’s University Belfast’s Dragons’ Den, competition is one of many initiatives organised by Enterprise SU, the entrepreneurial arm of Queen’s Students’ Union which helps students develop enterprise skills and start their own businesses. Dragons' Den competitors learn a wealth of business skills including pitching, marketing, finance and legal issues.
Winner: Barry Cheevers, MEng Software Engineering - £3,000 Engineers in Business Prize

Barry's business is Effortless Security and he was awarded the EIB prize for the creation of the company's first product, FUZE. The FUZE is a network security device which sits between a computer and the rest of the network. The FUZE monitors and analyses the network traffic coming in and out of the network. Inside the FUZE is a set of rules. The network traffic is constantly being compared to these rules. If at any point the network traffic is in violation of the rules, the FUZE turns off the network connection to the computer. This prohibits any attacker or malware from gaining further access to the network, and so contains the network breach to only that computer. Essentially the FUZE acts as an electronic fuse for a network.

Positive Feedback

Each year, we hugely value the contribution of the Engineers in Business Fellowship to our Dragons’ Den competition. We believe that the sponsorship encourages increased numbers of young engineers to enter which improves the quality of entries. The involvement of Engineers in Business allows us to highlight to those in STEM that there are entrepreneurial opportunities available to them throughout their time at university.

Francesca Morelli, Enterprise Support Officer