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UCL's competition was run as a component of a taught module entitled Entrepreneurship Theory & Practice. The credit-bearing module is open to students across UCL and is designed to give practical and actionable insights into the selection and deployment of tools, techniques and theories for the identification, validation and structuring of a new business venture. The team-based portfolio submissions document the robust assessment of a new business opportunity as a core deliverable of the module. Variants of the module are available for undergraduate and MSc students along with and PhD researchers. It is the entry point for undergraduate students who decide to follow an Entrepreneurship “minor” within the UCL Integrated Engineering Programme (IEP). It is also promoted to an increasing number of engineering research (MRes) students as a component of the first year of their research programmes.
Winner: Soteria Robotics - Leone Baron, BASc Arts and Sciences; Shirsendu Podder, PhD in Blockchain and Network Science; Francesco Semeraro, MSc Robotics; Golshid Varasteh Kia, MSc Robotics and Computation - £1,500 Engineers in Business Prize

Soteria’s software can generate accurate, efficient and simplified map from Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) to improve situational awareness and relief work assessment for crisis and disaster relief. The Soteria Foundation offers software and consultancy services to rescue teams and aid agencies. Compared to traditional methods of preliminary information gathering, we provide software for a fully autonomous network of drones that once initialised, will provide a quick and comprehensive stream of information that is optimised to help and prioritise the efforts of aid-workers.
Second Place Winner: Naturals - Xiuleng Yang, MRes Financial Computing; Garance Aulagne, UCL Affiliate, Master’s in Management, Paris Dauphine University; Ghita El Khalifi, UCL Affiliate, Master’s in Management, Paris-Dauphine University; Djamila Si Mohammed, UCL Affiliate, Master’s in Management, Paris-Dauphine University - £1,000 Engineers in Business Prize

Naturals is an online marketplace focused on natural cosmetic products that connect local suppliers to final consumers. Naturals enables consumers to regain control over what they buy by purchasing directly from producers.
Third Place Winner: Venus - Yifan Li, MRes Virtual Reality; William Mallinde, MRes Virtual Reality; Felix Thiel, MRes Virtual Reality; Nikolaos Tsikinis, MRes Virtual Reality - £500 Engineers in Business Prize

Venus is a Virtual Reality (VR) wedding planning software that simplifies the traditional way of planning a wedding. Instead of physically visiting the venues and wedding suppliers, the users get the chance to preview and interact with the pre-captured wedding venues and wedding-related items in Virtual Reality.

Positive Feedback

The Engineers in Business award is valuable in signalling that industry values the development of an enterprising graduate and entrepreneurial mindset and that entrepreneurship is a key skill for engineering students.

Dr David Chapman, Deputy Director and Senior Lecturer, UCL School of Management