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Venture is an annual business idea competition for University of Dundee students, staff and recent graduates, with eight categories. With the award of an Engineers in Business prize fund, Venture included a dedicated prize for the most innovative idea from Science and Engineering students.
Health Alliance, Biomedical Engineering Students from the School of Science & Engineering (left to right): Yuxi Wang, Yinling Zhu, Hira Sher Bahadur and Changyuan Cheng and Dr Shona Johnston, Head of Careers, Employability and Enterprise

Health Alliance begun its journey with group work, with members of the team allocated to different tasks such as building new medical equipment as well as brainstorming ideas – out of this work came the idea of helping diabetic patients.

Health Alliance won its award for the development of the Diabetic Sock, a technology-based sock that monitors the feet of Type 2 diabetics to prevent them suffering from diabetic foot. The product has been designed to feel the same as a normal sock, allowing patients to wear them in their daily life without disturbance.

Diabetes results in a wide range of serious medical complications with significant implications both for the affected individual and society. Diabetic foot originates from a little ulcer and can lead to amputation. For diabetic patients, the blood circulation in their feet is slow so once a patient has a wound on their foot, it is difficult for them to recover. To prevent that, we aimed to invent sock which will provide protection and monitor functions. The function of the sock will be connected to a mobile phone so users can monitor the condition of their feet.

Health Alliance is currently endeavouring to produce a prototype and dealing with IP matters.

Positive Feedback

With EIB support it has allowed the University for the first time to have a specific category for our School of Science and Engineering. The winning entry is a very exciting idea with a large potential to impact and change people’s lives for the better and we will work closely with the team to support them on their business journey. The £3,000 EIB prize funding they have received is going to be crucial at this juncture primarily to allow them to create a working prototype that they can start testing with end users to gain the critical feedback that will be required to shape a final product and provide the validation they will require to take the business forward.

Brian McNicoll, Head – Centre for Entrepreneurship, University of Dundee