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The Business Ideas Competition is open to current students and recent graduates (two years) from the University of Edinburgh. It allows students to present innovative ideas even if they an early-stage business or social enterprise. The competition provides a fantastic opportunity to find out if the ideas proposed are commercially viable and to learn how to turn the business ideas into reality. The award of a £3,000 Engineers in Business prize fund enabled the LAUNCH.ed Team at Edinburgh Innovations, University of Edinburgh, to launch a dedicated Business Ideas Competition for engineering students for the first time. The LAUNCH.ed Team will use its prize fund over three years.
Winner: Augment Bionics – Will Saputra, Sociology and Quantitive Methods; George Dzavaryan, Mechanical Engineering with Management, Moritz Muller, Chemistry and Iman Mouloudi, Neuroscience - £500 Engineers in Business Prize.

Augment Bionics was awarded first prize for the idea of designing and manufacturing affordable and functional bionic arms for use by amputees and people born without upper limbs. George Dzavaryan, Technical Director of Augment Bionics, said: “Applying to the competition was an easy process, especially with a project that was already several months in the making. We had developed a more mature vision for the future and had some results to show for our hard work. Winning first place was a nice surprise for us, as I’m sure it will be for future contestants.

The £500 cash prize has been spent on purchasing electrical components for the first version of the bionic prosthetic and to buy a domain for our website. It definitely gave us a much-needed kick start early in the academic year, which is important for many student-led projects since it’s time when they are not as busy and can dedicate more time to projects like ours.”
Second Place Winner: Arthur Chee, Postgraduate Mechancial Engineering and Dilyana Karavasileva, Informatics -£300 Engineers in Business Prize

Arthur and Dilyana were awarded £300 for their idea of developing a robotic strawberry harvesting arm that is more efficient and less bulky than existing designs in development.
Third Place Winner: Dileep Dasari, Mechanical Engineering - £300 Engineers in Business Prize

Dileep created DASSUN, an easy and cost-effective vortex generating system which can potentially decrease fuel consumption of Turbofan engines by up to 10%. A patent is pending on DASSUN.

Positive Feedback

We are really pleased with the results from our engagement with the Engineers in Business Fellowship. Through the sponsorship of a new engineering-focused category in our Business Ideas Competition, we were able to attract more engineering students who have since taken advantage of our services, such as enterprise training
and one-to-one business advice.

Dr George Baxter, Chief Executive Officer, Edinburgh Innovations