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Ingenuity supports the creation of start-ups that find innovative and sustainable solutions to tackle the UK’s biggest challenges. Ingenuity works in partnership with industry, education, and communities with lived experience.

The Ingenuity Programme works with under-represented groups, as well as students, academics, and those interested in creating social and environmental impact. Ingenuity and its partners are committed to exploring the big issues society faces, focusing on creating prosperity, building community, improving health and tackling climate change, to help drive the recovery. The programme is delivered via annual Challenge Summits, an online insight and learning platform, a national business plan competition, and an investment readiness programme with significant support.

This year’s Ingenuity Programme was supported by a grant from Engineers in Business Fellowship (EIB). Six prizes were awarded to students from the University of Nottingham, Loughborough University, the University of Portsmouth and Nottingham Trent University. The winner of the EIB prizes from the University of Portsmouth is featured here.

Winner: Wild Lens - Robert Ball and Kieran Wright, Engineering Students - £1,000 Engineers in Business Prize

Wild Lens uses state of the art image and audio recognition to build a digital picture of ecosystem change and impact. Inventors Robert Ball and Kieran Wright believe the support from the Engineers in Business Fellowship is crucial for their next steps as a company.

Robert explained, "We plan to spend the money on purchasing server components for our artificial intelligence server ‘Anton’. Anton will be responsible for processing our images and audio collected by Wild Lens devices, identifying the species and quantity present in each sample. Some of the money will also be used to purchase the necessary parts to build more Wild Lens prototypes."

Kieran said, "By providing us with enough money to build more devices, construct a server, and business support to build our brand and growth strategy, we will be in a position where we can begin to trial the system with real-world customers in a pilot scheme."

Positive Feedback

Engineers are responsible for some of the greatest innovations that sustain us in every way. Our engineering students need to know-how to make key decisions, spot opportunities and solve complex problems to meet demanding global challenges - by supporting them in the development of their business and entrepreneurial skills we are helping them to reach their fullest potential.

Lynda Povey, Enterprise Adviser, University of Portsmouth