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Engineering You’re Hired is an intensive one-week activity that is compulsory for all 2nd years within the Faculty of Engineering. Students choose their problem and are then placed in multi-disciplinary, multi-cultural teams to work on a conceptual design and a plan for a project to take the design to the “proof of concept stage”.

The competition gives engineers the skills, and evidence of those skills, that will make them highly employable engineers. It gives students experience of working as a professional engineer would do, facing some of the challenges of the real workplace.

Amongst other elements, the competition covers effective working (eg goal setting to tackle problems that achieve a clearly defined aim), time management to meet deadlines and cope with the fluidity of changing situations, collaborative working and presenting ideas to a range of people including prospective clients.
First Prize Winner: Making Cycling Safer - Joel Rogers, Aerospace Engineering; Jonathan Moniz, Structural Engineering & Architecture; Chelsie Edun, Computer Science; Ellie Giulietti, General Engineering and Shady Hamed, Chemical Engineering - £1,500 Engineers in Business Prize

This project looked at producing a standalone post mounted camera at a busy road junction to improve the safety of cyclists. Based on research regarding where most accidents occurred the camera would identify, using image recognition and AI, a cyclist on the main road, and warn other road users that a cyclist was present with a visual alarm system.
Second Prize Winner: Urban Greenhouse Market - Nahdaa Jawed, Mechatronics and Robotics Engineering; Barnabas Thorpe, Aerospace Engineering; Dante Cometti, AI & Computer Science; William Poizer, Chemical Engineering and Frida Solum, Mechanical Engineering - £1,000 Engineers in Business Prize

This project looked at optimising local food production, by creating a managed urban smart greenhouse, which would allow people to manage their food consumption from sustainable resources with a low carbon footprint, and maximise brownfield urban sites.
Third Prize Winner: Biomimetic Dehumidifier - Karolina Prusicka, Architectural Engineering With a Year in Industry; Lois Stahler, Chemical Engineering With a Year in Industry; Isaac Fuller, Civil Engineering, Isabella Boyd. Bio-Engineering and Vigneswaran Sathyanarayanan, Structural Engineering & Architecture - £500 Engineers in Business Prize

This project uses a novel material, based on desert-dwelling insects, to form the key principle in a dehumidifier. This would produce a sustainable, affordable and eco-friendly solution to domestic damp problems in UK homes.

Positive Feedback

The opportunity for students to work in multi-disciplinary groups is invaluable to their growth and development as engineers and the incentive given by the EIB fund helps them focus and appreciate better the need to maintain a commercial understanding of engineering in context, as well as personally benefiting them for their efforts in participating in this national competition.

Michael Wright - Faculty Teaching Experience Officer
University of Sheffield