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The University of Surrey's Enterprise Project embraces the Surrey Electrical and Electronic Engineers in Business Competition. The Enterprise Project is a year-long group project carried out by the second year students from the Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering at the University of Surrey. Students work in groups to create innovative concepts relating to the Information Communications Technology, Electronics and Computing sector that have potential for commercialisation. The project offers an opportunity for the students to enhance their business awareness, build entrepreneurial skills and develop transferable skills such as team working, project management, presentation, negotiation and leadership. In the final stage of the project, each group produces a business plan report and pitches their concept to a multi-disciplinary panel of judges from industry and academia during a Dragon’s Den event. The competition provides seed funds for the winning team to further develop their business concept.
First Prize Winner: SiteShield - The team comprises Naj Ali, Enis Baty, Vasily Berdnikov-Levitsky, Rian Flanagan, Euan Kirrage, Danishan Rahulan, Evans Stathatos and Sami Zemmiri who are all Electronic & Electrical Engineering Undergraduates - £1,500 Engineers in Business Prize

SiteShield has been designed to tackle the huge rise in industrial vehicle theft.

SiteShield is an innovative device which allows a vehicle to operate only within a defined boundary, called a geofence. The user fits the device to their agricultural vehicle or van, and uses the website to define the boundaries of their working area. This may be a farm, construction site or any other work site. The operator may then turn the device on or off from the website. With the device switched on, the vehicle will operate as usual within the geofence. However, as the vehicle approaches the boundary an alarm will sound, and if the vehicle reaches the boundary SiteShield will prevent any flow of fuel to the engine. The vehicle is now immobilised. SiteShield also provides active GPS, meaning that if thieves do remove the vehicle by other means, its position will be tracked and relayed to the user.
Second Prize Winner: SimSurgeon - The team comprises Isin Surekcigil and Manuel Grincho who are both Electronic & Electrical Engineering Undergraduates - £1,000 Engineers in Business Prize

Deaths, injuries and post-surgery complications are one of the biggest barriers in surgery success, with rates being as low as 23% in some cases. Practice tools have been developed in the past to address this problem however these have failed to recognise the unique anatomy of each patient. SimSurgeon software is designed for the training of medical teams that use virtual reality and haptic hardware to help surgeons, doctors and other medical practitioners perfect surgeries by providing a safe and completely customisable virtual patient for practice. It can be used for:
- Practice of difficult surgeries
- Tailoring surgeries for a patient with a specific health background
- Practice of newly developed surgeries, allowing surgeons to finalise techniques and procedures before operating on patients
Third Prize Winner: K-Mobile – the team comprises Robby Rafky, Yoan Georgiev, Alex Mcdermott, Andrew Perry, Mihir Potnis, Millod Sadaty and Rafal Guz who are all who are all Electronic & Electrical Engineering Undergraduates - £500 Engineers in Business Prize

K-Mobile is a mobile phone product designed for children, creating our own segment in a growing market. A secure device partnered with a fully featured and system integrated companion app. K-mobile is the easy, all-in-one solution for your child’s safety online. With GPS tracking, data transfer alerts, internet tracking and usage monitoring, you can rest assured knowing that with K-Mobile, you have the highest level of security down to the hardware level plus extensive parental controls and a companion app, full control is in your hands.

From limiting hours of use to suspending the use of specific apps, the parental control companion app grants complete control over the device from the parent’s phone.

Positive Feedback

Engineers in Business funding for our innovation competition gave a business-like incentive, recognition and reward to the teams who created exceptional engineering solutions to real-world problems.

Kat Mack, Student Enterprise Manager, University of Surrey