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The University of Surrey's Enterprise Project embraces the Surrey Electrical and Electronic Engineers in Business Competition. The Enterprise Project is a year-long group project carried out by second-year students from the Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering at the University of Surrey. Students work in groups to create innovative concepts relating to the Information Communications Technology, Electronics and Computing sector that have the potential for commercialisation. The project offers an opportunity for the students to enhance their business awareness, build entrepreneurial skills and develop transferable skills such as team working, project management, presentation, negotiation and leadership. In the final stage of the project, each group produces a business plan report and pitches their concept to a multi-disciplinary panel of judges from industry and academia during a Dragon’s Den event. The competition provides seed funds for the winning team to further develop their business concept.
First Prize winner: Carbon Flow - Rogier Fransen, Shindy Manic, Theodoulos Parpounas, Kenny Zhang, John Papoudos, Nicholas Cook and Inthuyan Devnath, Electronic & Electrical Engineering Undergraduates - £1,500 Engineers in Business Prize

Carbon Flow is a mobile app devised to track a user's carbon emissions and is tailored to give advice that allows anyone to support the environment in the way that best suits them. It is a carbon emission tracking utility with a clear and engaging dynamic interface.

Second Prize Winner: Anthos - Hassan Hassan, Pelopiadas Georgiades, Marta Barbera, Alp Orgun, Anlexandre Symeonidis-Herzig, Kristaps Redmers, Amasha Fernando and Tom Zhen - Electronic & Electrical Engineering Undergraduates - £1,000 Engineers in Business Prize

Anthos is a smart plant pot that helps consumers look after their plants and gives them the best possible environment to thrive in.

Third Prize Winner: Kradle - George Soto, Grace Rong, Fahim Sufian, Angelica Rodriguez, Bob Griffiths, Walter Mkaratigwa, Anthony Abraham and Daniyah Hussaini – Electronic & Electrical Engineering Undergraduates - £500 Engineers in Business Prize

Kradle is an innovative baby monitor that can aid in giving parents peace of mind by monitoring the baby's activities and sending notifications to parents’ phones using movement, video and heart rate data.

Positive Feedback

Once again the addition of the Engineers in Business competition to our innovation competition brings both kudos and a tangible incentive for our engineering students to really consider how their innovative ideas can go beyond the classroom and be presented as a business case for real-world application.

Kat Mack, Student Enterprise Manager, University of Surrey

The EIBC competition is a fantastic opportunity for our students to develop entrepreneurial skills and transferable competencies which are essential in the workplace. It links particularly well with the Enterprise Project our Electrical & Electronic Engineering students work on during their second. The financial support from EIBC is invaluable in providing additional recognition and opportunities for our students who are keen to take their concept further.

Jean-Yves Guillemaut, Senior Lecturer in Three Dimensional Computer Vision, University of Surrey