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The University of Warwick ran its first Engineers in Business Competition for all second-year Engineering Undergraduates who enrolled on its ‘Starting a Business' Module (ES2B6) which examines how new businesses are established. This module gives engineering students the opportunity to understand and appreciate the challenges involved in setting up their own business. The module takes a hands on approach in teaching students how to think and act like an entrepreneur, covering a variety of areas including developing and testing a business idea, pitching the concept to industry experts and writing a business report based on the feedback and insights.
Joint Winner: ClimaCredits - Left to right Pardeep Panesar, BEng Systems Engineering; Serkan Marasli (not visible), MEng Systems Engineering; Mattias Langer, BEng Systems Engineering; Samuel Robson, MEng Systems Engineering; Eshan Gupta, BEng Systems Engineering; Yasser Qureshi, MEng Systems Engineering and Rohan Dhir, MEng Systems Engineering - £1,500 Engineers in Business Prize

ClimaCredits is a reward scheme that provides consumers with cash-back when buying environmentally friendly and sustainable products. The points accumulated from the scheme can be spent on any product from a consortium of partner organisations. These partners range from small eco-friendly shops to large corporations such as supermarket chains and clothing retailers.
Joint Winner: Health First - Left to right Manyankwa Nshimbi, BEng Engineering; Nyok Kekui, BEng Civil Engineering; Harry Hammond, BEng Engineering; Bal Kudiyal Chamoli (behind), MEng Engineering; Gurpartap Lakhanpal, BEng Mechanical Engineering; Declan Hughes, BEng Mechanical Engineering - £1,500 Engineers in Business Prize

Health First will provide the elderly and more vulnerable members of society with a wearable health device at a low cost; providing the consumer with health statistics that are not normally accessible via a wearable device. Health First will create the software for the devices, analyse the data collected (constant monitoring for premium users), and provide customers with support regarding their safety and health.

Positive Feedback

The Engineers in Business Competition added great value to our ‘Starting a Business’ module. It introduced a competitive element to the module, which provided our students with additional motivation to put effort into their business idea development. The competition also made our Dragons’ Den pitching event more realistic, as teams were pitching for real money. The optional mentoring by a Sainsbury Management Fellow is a brilliant way to support our winners in refining their business ideas. This way, the competition may not only foster students’ economic benefit, but may also promote future societal change and climate protection.

Dr Mona Mensmann, Assistant Professor of Entrepreneurship and Innovation,
Warwick Business School, Module Leader of the ‘Starting a Business’ Module