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Apply for up to £3,000 Prize Fund for Your Enterprise Competition

Engineers in Business Fellowship (EIBF) is a registered charity that promotes the importance and value of business education for engineers in order to improve people’s lives and the performance of the UK and global economies.

Engineering skills are greatly augmented by commercial and business education. EIBF encourages engineering undergraduates, graduates and postgraduates to participate in university enterprise competitions. EIBF does this by providing universities with an Engineers in Business competition prize fund of up to £3,000 per university to reward engineers who develop groundbreaking ideas that could solve real problems in society.

The Engineers in Business competition prize fund helps to increase the level of participation in business ideas competitions by engineering undergraduates and graduates, enabling them to gain more commercial education.

We collaborate with universities that have competitions and/or enterprise modules already in place. 

How it works

Download the application form

Download the Prize Fund application form and tell us about your University’s competition.

Submit your application

Send your completed application form back to us and we’ll have a decision ready within 10 days.

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Let us know once you have a winner and we’ll follow up with promotion, feedback and organise the prize payment.

Winning With EIBF


The overall winners in each university competition/module may apply to Engineers in Business Fellowship to be assigned a Sainsbury Management Fellow as a mentor to provide support for a period of time agreed between the mentor and mentee.

Cash Prizes

Successful engineers and engineering teams who qualify as either winners, runners-up, or highly commended candidates can win cash prizes from the university’s Engineers in Business competition prize fund.


Engineering graduates are of special value, to be celebrated and supported, especially when it comes to being made aware of the opportunities that business skills offer and the way that employers view these skill sets. Engineers in Business Fellowship will help to promote the winners of the Engineers in Business prizes.

Champion of Champions Final

£16,000 prize pot

Each year Engineers in Business Fellowship hosts a Champion of Champions Final. Winners of university competitions supported by EIBF can enter the final to compete for cash prizes, mentors and other prizes. Watch the video to see how last year’s competition unfolded.

This year’s final took place on 3 November 2023, with ten teams vying to win a share of the £16,000 prize pot. Watch the video to see how the teams got on.