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Invent for the Planet is an Intensive Design Experience which engages students at different universities around the world and tasks them with solving some of the world’s most pressing problems in just 48 hours. Led by Swansea University’s partner, Texas A&M University, students work in local teams to develop solutions to challenges such as food security, waste management, energy consumption, and flooding.

Student teams develop concepts, prototypes and elevator pitches which are presented to a panel of expert judges. In 2019 a team from Swansea was chosen to participate in the Invent for the Planet Grand Final in Texas - just one of five teams worldwide selected, coming third in the world with a solution to prevent loneliness.
Winner - LifeLight: left to right - Mahmoud Elshenawy, UG Year 3; Materials Science and Engineering; Alexander Santo Ruiz, UG Year 1, Mechanical Engineering; Patryk Adamiak, UG Year 2, Mechanical Engineering; Olimpian Belu, UG Year 2, Mechanical Engineering - £1,500 Engineers in Business Prize and the team has been invited to the Texas Final.

LifeLight offers an integrated approach to help notify motorists ahead of incoming emergency medical services (EMS) vehicles through an IoT system architecture. LifeLight notifies drivers when an EMS vehicle is up to 2km away, allowing sufficient time for traffic to accommodate their passing.

LifeLight is projected to be a market leading technology, where it reaches the right trade-off between device functionality and device intelligence, as well as the right trade-off between technologies that execute well today and technologies well-positioned for tomorrow’s needs.
Second Prize Winner - SEAPOD: left to right: Hamza Eren Gunaltay, UG Year 1 Aerospace Engineering; Florence Mayo, UG Year 1 Medical Engineering; Roby Singh, UG Electrical Engineering; Jessica Britton, UG Year 1 Mechanical Engineering; Michal Urbanski, UG Year 3 Mechanical Engineering; Abigail Crane, UG Year 3 Chemical Engineering - £1,000 Engineers in Business Prize

Ninety-five per cent of trash in the ocean comes form 10 rivers in the world. A POD (plastic device) sits on top of the water’s surface (so that it doesn’t interfere with sea life) and a suction motion collects macro, micro and nano plastics. The macro and micro get filtered through SEAPOD and nano plastics are filtered through a sand layer to collect them. The POD then compresses the plastic to make bricks which can be used in developing countries.
Team Work Prize - News Lock - left to right: Alister Henderson, UG 3 Aerospace Engineering; Maria Cristina Rius Magrina, UG 2 Electrical Engineering; Rafique Swinscoe, UG 3 Sport Science Engineering; Cameron Rees, UG 3 Materials Engineering; Sem Ryan UG 1 Aerospace Engineering - £500 Engineers in Business Prize

A study conducted by MIT showed that fake news was 70% more likely to get shared or retweeted. News Lock is an application for a mobile device. The application will run unobtrusively in the background, articles will get a ‘truth score’, an icon of how true the article is by running it against a ‘truthbank’ of collected verified sources. The information on the ’truth score’ is saved within the cloud for faster verification for other users, so that when the application identifies article, it can more rapidly alert the user to the ‘truth score’, thereby reducing the spread of the fake news.

Positive Feedback

My role is to promote and foster student entrepreneurship, so I was delighted to lead Invent for the Planet for the university and to help the teams progress, pitch and present their ideas in just 48 hours.
The quality of what they produced was outstanding.

2020, was the third year running Invent for the Planet Swansea, this year supported with a £3,000 prize fund from Engineers in Business to award to the winners. Swansea University is still the only UK University invited to participate against another 37 universities around the world. Out of 73 Swansea applicants, 33 were selected to take part.

Kelly Jordan, Swansea University Entrepreneurship Officer