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The MSc Entrepreneurship at UCL School of Management is UCL’s flagship Entrepreneurial course. During a one-year programme designed for students who intend to start and run high impact businesses, they learn to research and develop new ideas. USL School of Management gives students the skills to take an idea and turn it into a business. Through courses like prototyping, marketing and finance students are being prepared for the range of challenges entrepreneurs face every day, there is also special attention to founder wellbeing. The programme offers three pathways: technology entrepreneurship, fintech and retail and consumer entrepreneurship. The programme has been running for 12 years and was one of the first of its kind in Europe. Numerous successful start-ups have emerged directly from the course.
Winner Best Idea: ScoutXLabs, Nicholas Minteer, studying MSc Entrepreneurship at UCL - £1,000 Engineers in Business Prize. Nicholas (centre) is pictured with Christina Richardson, Senior Lecturer and Simon Hulme, Course Director MSc Entrepreneurship

ScoutX Labs is focused on solving the problem of date rape. Specifically, 1/10 UK students and 1/13 US students report they have been drugged when at a bar or nightclub. ScoutXLabs has created a fun 3D printed customisable detection device that enhances the social experience while ensuring no date rape drugs are present within the drink. The device continuously monitors for all date rape drugs, based on a key breakthrough in drug sensing technology.
Winner Best Pitch: Resus VR - Usman Goga, studying MSc Entrepreneruship at UCL and co-founder Huw Williams studying MSc in Human & Applied Physiology at Kings College London - £1,000 Engineers in Business Prize - Usman (third right) and Huw are pictured with Christina Richardson, Senior Lecturer and Simon Hulme, Course Director MSc Entrepreneurship

Resus VR is changing the way doctors and nurses are trained. Reading textbooks and passive observation on the wards does not prepare them for treating a critically unwell patient – particularly making split-second decisions under extreme stress. Resus VR is creating immersive virtual reality content through which students make treatment decisions in high-pressure environments, preparing them better for real-life practice.
Best Idea and Pitch: Medulla - Simon Hulme, Course Director MSc Entrepreneurship awarding the prize to Christian Warken, MSc Entrepreneurship student - £1,000 Engineers in Business Prize

Medulla is a web-based medical platform for Doctors and medical staff that takes electronic health records to the next level. Through anonymously connecting patient data, treatment and diagnostics for patients can be vastly enhanced, while simultaneously reducing the time that doctors need to spend on interacting with outdated software so that they can truly focus on what truly matters; their patients.
Best Idea and Pitch: Fayr Leather- Simon Hulme, Course Director MSc Entrepreneurship awarding the prize to Rudolf Fischer, MSc Entrepreneurship student - £1,000 University Prize

Fayr Leather provides high-quality leather apparel for men and leather as a raw material for manufacturers in Europe. All our products are solely tanned with natural ingredients, without the use of hazardous chemicals. We ensure good working conditions for our craftspeople and only use hides that are a by-product of the meat industry. We believe in full transparency and strive to maximise our positive impact on people, animals and the environment.

Positive Feedback

Pitch and showcase events like these are the perfect opportunity for our students to share what they have been working on. We welcome a mix of mentors, investors, alumni and students from different departments at these events. We provide student teams with a budget to produce professional banners. We found that the combination of a showcase (startup market) and pitches allows for maximum engagements with the audience in different settings. The Engineers in Business prizes allowed us to give out prize money too, a welcome boost for our student entrepreneurs to accelerate their personal and professional growth.

Simon Hulme, Programme Director, MSc Entrepreneurship