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The University of Bristol’s New Enterprise Competition (NEC) is a business start-up competition which allows students, staff and alumni to pitch for a share of over £40,000, including legal support and business acceleration services, to accelerate their vision for a commercial or social enterprise.
Growth Stage Winner: OptiFit - Alex Palmer-Walsh (left), Aerospace Engineering PhD and Alex Robinson, Computer Science - £6,000 - £1,000 of which is an Engineers in Business Prize. OptiFit also won SETsquared membership

OptiFit develops technology that detects human physiology for applications in the security industry. We have developed an AI that is able to detect a person's heart rate and heart rate variability using standard webcams or CCTV cameras. This physiology reading provides an insight into a person's current stress levels. By combining this technology with other behavioural cues a risk factor can be determined for each individual.
Ideas and Development Stages Winners: Mayur Hulke, MSc Robotics, University of Bristol; Academic Advisor, Dr Apollinaire Etoundi, Researcher at Bristol Robotics Lab; Diana Kviatkovskaja, BSc Psychology, University of Plymouth; Sam Hyatt, LLB Law (Hon), University of Bristol; Sandesh Mukartihal (not pictured), MSc (Computer Science), University of Bristol. Sandesh is now R&D Manager at multinational company, Q-Free ASA - £1,200 Engineers in Business Prize

Chisel Robotics is a health-tech start-up that is aiming to provide AI-driven solutions to revolutionise the at-home health and wellness industry. The start-up has its roots in developing high-tech solutions for athletes with disabilities, which culminated in creating the breakthrough ‘Smart Prosthetic Socket’ for lower-limb amputees. With its vision clearly set on transforming the health and wellness industry through the merging of technology and physical exercise, Chisel Robotics is currently working on the next phase of its journey which is set to make world’s first AI-based Virtual Personal trainer with real-time feedback (Personal Schedule, Live Body Posture Guidance System) which is set to provide daily exercise routines at home with personalised progress analysis.

Chisel Robotics also won a SETsquared breakthrough bursary (membership for one year) and one-year membership of Launch Space which is based at Bristol Robotics Lab at UWE. Launch Space provides incubator space and enterprise support.

Chisel Robotics has also attracted a great deal of media attention, with Mayur Hulke being interviewed by BBC Radio 4 for his research on Leonardo Da Vinci's 500 years legacy. The team was also invited by Bristol Museum to showcase its research for the special event in memory of Leonardo Da Vinci, and the research has also been featured in articles in UWE News, Business Leader and ED Technology!
Ideas and Development Stages Winners: UniSkills - Yunus Skeete, Mechanical Engineering (MEng) - £800 Engineers in Business Prize

UniSkills is an online platform seeking to facilitate and encourage the collaboration of students with specialist skills. UniSkills aims to remove the barriers between students and their start-up/project ideas, allowing them to realise their endeavours by enabling collaboration with students possessing the skills required to bring such endeavours to fruition.

Positive Feedback

The Engineers in Business prize funding allows us to support greater numbers of student ideas. The funding helps students buy equipment to design their minimum viable products or to buy initial stock to test the viability of their ideas. Supporting and championing a culture of innovation is key to what we do and the EIB prize helps us in our efforts to do so.
Katie Martin, Enterprise Manager, University of Bristol