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The University of Warwick’s Starting a Business module examines how businesses are established. The module gives second-year Engineering Undergraduates the opportunity to understand and appreciate the challenges involved in setting up their own business. The module takes a hands-on approach in teaching students how to think and act like an entrepreneur, covering areas such as developing and testing a business idea, pitching the concept to industry experts and writing a business report based on feedback and insights.
Joint Winner: AI Recycle - Harnake Doal, BEng Civil Engineering; Ewan Nightingale, MEng Civil Engineering; Samuel Leong, BEng Civil Engineering; Lucy Tam, MEng Mechanical Engineering; Charles Tang, BEng Engineering Business Management Engineering; Davina Kwateng, BEng Engineering Business Management Engineering and Timi Faloye, BEng Engineering Business Management Engineering. The team was awarded a £1,500 Engineers in Business Prize

AI-Recycle is offering a smart bin for university campuses to help streamline recycling material collection processes and encourage more students to recycle their items. AI-Recycle is dedicated to increasing recycling at universities across the UK. Students have made it clear that sustainability is a factor when choosing where to go for their degree. Current university recycling methods are dated and have seen no technological advancement. The smart bin helps direct university funds in a more productive direction and helps reduce the gap between the average and the top 20 ‘most green universities.’
Joint Winner: Salutem Team - Adam Sherratt, BEng Manufacturing and Mechanical Engineering; Andreas Kalantonis, BEng Engineering Business Management Engineering; Guo Chen, BEng Engineering Business Management Engineering; Misha Mcfeat, BEng Electronic Engineering; Ben Bancroft, MEng Civil Engineering and Juan Artigues Andreu, MEng Civil Engineering. The team were awarded a £1,500 Engineers in Business Prize

Salutem is a healthcare monitor combined with an app platform that allows an easy way to check and track your health. The health care monitor consists of a consumable pill that tracks interior body conditions. The pill communicates with the app and shares the monitored data. The app analyses the data and has the option to share this data with family members. Salutem is targeting people within the age range of 50-70 with a subscription, offering the app and one pill a month

Positive Feedback

We were extremely grateful for the opportunity to once again participate in the “Engineers in Business Competition.” The competition was a great motivating factor for the students in our “Starting a Business” module; it helped them stay focused on the development of their business ideas despite the current online learning situation caused by the pandemic. As a result, we were able to listen to a number of very innovative business ideas that have the potential to contribute to the economic, societal and environmental development of the UK and beyond.

Dr Mona Mensmann, Associate Professor of Entrepreneurship and Innovation
Warwick Business School, Module Leader of the “Starting a Business” Module